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“Shoonya will act as a medium of knowledge” - Akshit Bansal, Co-founder, Statiq

Interview with Mr. Akshit Bansal, Co-founder, Statiq
12 October 2022

Q: Could you elaborate on how you are supporting India’s EV transition and what motivated your organization to join the Shoonya campaign?

At Statiq, we are trying to fast-track EV adoption by providing a one-stop solution for the EV ecosystem across India. From socket to software, we are creating India’s largest EV charging network. Through our work we are facilitating the transition towards sustainable energy and clean mobility.

The “Shoonya – Zero Pollution Mobility” Campaign is advocating for some of the most important issues in the world including improved air quality, improved public health, and betterment of our environment. Statiq is aligned to this vision and is motivated to further accelerate this campaign.

Q: What is your company’s vision? How is it aligned with India’s EV targets?

At Statiq, our aim is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility across India. To drive this adoption, we offer chargers, a mobile app, a charger station management system, and end-to-end integrated services, all guaranteed and created by us inhouse. Our team is continuously working to make developments on the hardware and software front to ensure it is seamless and more user- friendly.

Currently, India is committed to its 2030 EV ambition, and according to research India would require a support infrastructure of over 2.9 million public charging points by 2030. At Statiq, we are working towards solving various challenges in the sector by providing reliable charging experience, affordable charging, accessibility to charging infrastructure, and solving the issues of fragmented charging networks.

Q: What is that one unique aspect about Statiq that makes it stand out from other players in this industry?

Statiq builds the entire ecosystem inhouse, which includes both hardware and software, and being a tech-company, we believe in continuous innovation and keeping our R&D up to date. Since we develop all our products in-house, we do vertical integration which ensures the state-of-the-art compatibility and superior charging experience. Additionally, we have no technical pendency on any third-party vendors giving us complete control over technology allowing us to innovate based on user and market feedback.

To add, for our Statiq DC Charger (CCS) Dual Gun, 85% of the components are sourced from the Indian market. This practice not only reduces the cost of our charger drastically but makes it affordable and reduces the pay-back period associated with it. Through this initiative, Statiq is not only supporting the Make in India Vision by paving the way for small-local businesses in the EV sector but is also creating green jobs in the country.

Q: What role do you think Shoonya can play in driving EV adoption in India?

The Shoonya Campaign has been launched to accelerate the deployment of EVs for ride hailing and delivery services. Through its various initiatives the campaign is creating awareness about EVs in our society and is educating our consumers about the health and environmental benefits of switching to EVs. The campaign is also playing an important role in recognising the various efforts made by industry partners to promote EVs through its Corporate Branding Programme. This initiative is giving a platform to all the industry players to come forward and talk about their EV goals and targets and display their support for the ecosystem. To add, a toolkit is also being introduced which creates awareness regarding various topics including financing resources available, national and state level EV policies, purchase subsidies, and others.

All these initiatives will play a huge role in creating awareness in the sector, educating consumers, and skilling the Shoonya Partners, and will act as a medium of knowledge for the stakeholders involved, which will help them stay updated in terms of technology and industry practices.

Q: What is it that your company is currently most excited about? Any upcoming weekend products/ plans in your pipeline?

Statiq has recently launched a new product called AdPod which is a 22 kW Dual Gun AC Charger. The product is one-of-a-kind charger capable of charging four electric vehicles simultaneously. The product has a 55-inch LCD screen integrated in the charger that can be used to display advertisement and enhances the look and appeal of your property.

Through this product, Statiq aims to provide the convenience of EV charging at your doorstep at subsidised rates to promote the adoption of EVs in India.

By setting up an AdPod, the property owner starts catering to the EV community in the locality and also starts generating an additional source of revenue through advertisements.

Through our range of products, we are trying to solve for home charging solutions, institutional charging solutions, residential charging solutions and most importantly fast-charging solutions.

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