NITI Aayog and RMI are collaborating with e-commerce companies, fleet aggregators, OEMs, and logistics companies to encourage the adoption of zero-emission vehicles in the urban freight sector. Leading companies in India's freight ecosystem are supporting the intitative by integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into their final-mile delivery routes and more industry players are expected to join the call to action with time.

The Shoonya campaign will raise public awareness about the health, environmental, and economic benefits of electrifying the final-mile delivery segment. Moreover, the initiative will showcase the industry's positive actions in mitigating climate change through multimedia platforms.

By doing this, the campaign aims at reducing cumulative CO2 emissions by 39 million tonnes and oil demand by 13 million tonnes of oil equivalent by 2030.

The campaign has three major components:

1. Corporate Branding Programme

Many industry players in India are already on the path to electrifying their delivery fleet. To certify and applaud the initiative by e-commerce companies, vehicle manufacturers, and fleet aggregators, NITI Aayog and RMI have designed a unique brand logo for all vehicles, delivery partners, and parcels accredited under this initiative. This will steer awareness drives to educate consumers about the campaign.

2. Impact Dashboard

An online tracking dashboard will share the progress and impact of the campaign. The dashboard highlights the economic, environmental, and public health impacts of the parcels delivered on EVs.

3. Consumer Awareness Drive

A public-facing awareness drive will be initiated as part of the campaign, highlighting the health and environmental benefits of electric urban delivery vehicles. We aim to increase awareness about EVs among consumers and create a demand-pull for zero pollution parcels. This will make Shoonya a household name across India.

Shoonya means "zero" in the Sanskrit language. It is a word that implies the beginning, and from what all possibilities originate. Inspired by this connotation, the Shoonya campaign aims at encouraging the freight sector to undergo a radical and urgent transition to zero pollution deliveries.

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